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Arts and Entertainment

Coldplay Concert - Amman Citadel - Amman, Jordan


Ballet Show - Philadelphia, USA


Behind The Scenes - 4 in 1 TV Series


Studio Sessions - Tareq Al Nasser And Rum Band

Tareq Al Nasser And Rum Concert - Roman Amphitheater - Amman, Jordan

Behind The Scenes - TAL TV Sports Documentaries

Two short Documentaries I produced for Television America Latina. Highlighting two inspiring stories of Enas Jamaeen from Madaba and Dr. Shamayleh from Al Karak.

Enas is a professional Jordanian female footballer.
She worked her way into becoming the player she is by believing in herself, staying focused and getting unmatched support from her family, specifically her father, whom she has a very special relationship with. Coming from a conservative society, her story is awe inspiring and mind opening.


Dr. Abdulrahman Shamayleh dedicates his time and life to train and educate young kids on football as he believes it could save their lives by improving their living standards, changing their destiny and taking control of their lives. 

He aims to develop his village and community through football by working on discipline, physical and mental wellbeing and keeping the hope alive.


Flamenco Show - Barcelona, Spain

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